EVERYTHING you need to know about buying
Listen to G. edward griffin EXPLAIN THE difference between
Good VS BAD money
Learn why counting on the Fiat Currency 
is a bad idea and how to start investing in stable assets such as Silver and Gold.
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America is uniquely prosperous because of our sacred right to own property and the freedoms that could only exist in a constitutional republic. The destruction of our monetary system is at the core of efforts to turn America into a Marxist technocracy with  cradle to grave total control. 
That’s where 7K Metals enters the picture
There is  a new and revolutionary way of buying gold & silver. I’m sure most of you either have or have heard of Costco, Sam’s Club or Amazon Prime memberships. 7K Metals is a similar wholesale buying club model that allows you to buy ANY quantity of gold or silver with ZERO mark-up. You simply purchase an annual 7K Metals membership and access the the best prices in America with no minimums and no maximums while supporting the vision behind Red Pill University. All referral commissions we receive will be used for the purpose of expanding our University allowing our important message to reach others! A win win for everyone! 
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